Why Choose Us

There are many reasons why is the best in the business of making dummy tickets. Sure there are many websites out there providing the same kind of service, but the level of attention and personalized service is just one of the reasons to choose us.

The company was founded in 2020 We have operations in many countries and this ensures a 24/7 operation. Since we are worldwide we accept all major currencies and multiple payment options.

The company's popularity is such that a dummy ticket has come to refer to a flight reservation by many travel agents and customers. Just like Googling has become synonymous with searching on the Internet, a dummy ticket has come to be known as what we call a flight reservation for the purpose of applying visa. This popularity is due to many years of dedicated service and on time delivery

A few reasons why is the best

Verifiable Tickets

Our tickets are verifiable on the airlines website

Print Friendly

The reservations will be sent to you in PDF format which can be printed out in proper format

Multiple Payment Options

We provide multiple payment options from credit card/ debit card, Paypal, Net Banking, PayTm and many others

Always Open

24/7 operations. We are open virtually 24 hours a day 365 days a year

World Wide Opeations

You serve worldwide, irrespective of where you are located

Multiple Contact Options

You can call us, email us from anywhere in the world. We are also on whatsapp

How To book ticket?

Booking Form

Complete the booking form on our website. Enter your full name, origin and destination and the dates that you want on the dummy ticket

Make Payment

After filling the form, you'll be presented with multiple payment options depending on the currency that you have chosen to pay with. You can pay using your credit card/ debit card, Paypal, Netbanking, Paytm and many other payment options

Wait Patiently

Once you complete the booking process, you will get an email confirming your order with all the details. After that you just have to want a few hours and you will get the dummy ticket in your email.